Cereals can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you like them.  A childhood favorite of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, coated in cinnamon sugar or name the marshmallow cereal were clearly not the “Breakfast of Champions” but sure tasted good at the time.

With Cheerios now marketed as gluten-free, it challenges a few of the classic celiac teachings:

  1. Beware the common oats
  2. GF cereals aren’t fortified with micronutrients
  3. Honey Cheerios has always been one of my favorites, so some favorites may be gluten-free some day

I still think after an unfortunate mislabeling around the time of its gluten-free debut, Cheerios will likely be the king.

But, Chex wins the marketing award in my book, and probably the market share.  From their cereal line, I think each one but the wheat chex are gluten-free, and have really spent some money pushing gluten-free to the mainstream.

And finally, the Nature’s Path, Koala Chocolate Crisp Cereal has been one of my not so guilty pleasures. Not the healthiest but sure tastes good!

It will be interesting which will be the next cereal line to take the plunge into the gluten-free spotlight.

Looking forward to the next year of breakfasts and snacks!